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Euan McCandless Composer


An accomplished and diverse musician working in multiple styles and forces, currently studying a Masters in Music at Trinity Laban. A talented composer, Euan has completed work for solo piano, piano and solo instruments, SATB choral work, original compositions for 4 piece pop group as well as working as an arranger and orchestrator.


His work is exploratory in more than musical terms, inspired by composers like Feldman and Xenakis, covering themes in geometry and perception. Euan is also experienced and knowledgable in more commercial music; covering pop, rock, hip hop and world music. Euan also boasts an eclectic performance portfolio including commercial keyboard, classical and contemporary piano, symphonic double bass and has contributed to many works as a choral singer.


Interested in learning a musical skill?

  • Euan is available as a pianist for private tuition, offering piano, music theory and composition lessons for absolute beginners and upwards.

  • Learn and play a series of musical genres such as Baroque, Classical and Modern

  • Ability to develop high class technique 

  • Music Theory and Composition development 

  • Confidence in being taught by an industry professional who offers over 15 years of playing experience 

  • Affordable rates 

  • Accessible learning via zoom, FaceTime, Teams or Discord

  • Available for beginners and upwards!​


For further details please get in touch via the contact me form below or drop me an email! 

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In Progress Works


Perspective Technique 

Perspective Technique: A series of short sketches for Solo Violin, written for Andrew Liddell. Each exploring effect, extended technique and the perspective of the score from the viewpoint of a performer.


The Sonic Identity 

The Sonic Identity of Regular Polytopes in Higher Dimensions. A six-movement piece for two pianos, expressing shapes which we are unable to perceive.


Zen Flesh, Zen Bones

A cycle of various music, based on a collection of Zen stories compiled by Paul Reps.


Shape Lessons

Shape Lessons, arranged for solo keyboard. An arrangement of Casey Cangelosi’s “Shape Lessons”. 


Hypercube 2

Hypercube 2 is the second incarnation of the second movement of The Sonic Identity of Regular Polytopes in Higher Dimensions. This version borrows heavily from an earlier work, Tunnel Noise, while still keeping strictly to the brief.


I’d rewritten out the tone groups but kept the piece for two pianos, except this time one would be tuned a quarter tone higher.


In a live performance (if needed) electric pianos would be used, as are heard in the final project. These tone groups did not use a projected 3D shape inside a dodecahedron, but instead I labelled each of the shared vertices 1-16, then started on C and worked up two octaves till I got to D. These shared vertices of course have lines leading to other vertices, a cube has 3 lines per vertex, so the hypercube has 4 per vertex.

I set myself the task of writing 4 different patterns of notes, using the 16 tone groups, for a total of 64 fragments of music. I then varied the notes attributed to the lines connected to each vertices with the piano tuned a quarter tone higher, keeping the note attributed to the vertex unaltered. Each of these variants is repeated 4 times.

Having done this, I then found myself with over three hours of music. I wanted a piece of a similar length to the first movement, so I had to rethink what I had been left with. I liked how any length of music could be custom tailored to any duration a listener desires by designing it for an installation, just like in Tunnel Noise. Since this piece was written during the pandemic of 2020, I decided to try and make this my first ever digital installation.

I contacted a friend who works as a game developer and designer to see if he could help me out, together we created a digital space for a virtual hypercube to exist in, creating points in sound which the listener could then explore by piloting themselves through that space. 

Sheet Music


A wholistic composer, taking every aspect of life as an element in his compositions.


Not the 9 to 5 Podcast (2023)

When Everyone Talks Once (2023)
Autopsychography (2022) 
Adventure! (2021) 
HipHopWarzone (2021)
Puzzle Chill (2021)
Hypercube 2 (2020) 
Jospeh, Son of David, Fear not the Son of God SAB, written for the Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan (2018)
Ruins, Bridge, River TBBB, written for the Sound of the Ferens (2017)
Nunc Dimittis & Magnificat treble choir (2017)
The Sun Arises in the East SATB (2016)
Haunted Shack, a piece for Tulley’s Farm scare maze, (2015) 
Tunnel Noise, debut, Hull University (2015)
Music Score written for Parallel Lines Film (2014) 
Music Score written for Home Sweet Home (2010) 
The Magic Mark Show (2010)

Sketches & New Music 

Modern Music

Hybercube 2

Hybercube 2

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Parallel Lines 
Directed by Jackie Clark

Euan holds credit as composer of the original score of 2014’s Parallel Lines. All of the original score as well as the title theme was written and recorded by Euan.


Portfolio of Work Outlined


An original setting of the sacred text, written for three treble voices. Drawing influences from Pärt and Purcell whilst maintaining heavy individuality, this piece is designed to be approachable by younger minds and voices, whilst keeping thoroughly engaged to the listener.


A carol commissioned by James Marr for The Christmas Choir of the Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan for the Christmas concert of 2018, with original text by the composer. A fusion of traditional western sacred Christmas music with modern pop elements, written for SAT with piano accompaniment.


A short solo piano piece inspired by Bártok, a combination of exploration, technical ability and experimentation.


Commissioned by Francesca Marago for 2016’s “The Queen’s New Dress”in partnership with The University of Portsmouth, written for three voices with backing band accompaniment.